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Greetings! I would like to inform all of you about the new pack! The new pack is still under works, because webs decided to change the new settings to only 5 pages for free. I have spoken to them, and they are going to give me my free 10 pages as it was before they changed. The new packs name will be Torrential, and an alpha will be decided once we are able to actually make the pack. On another note, some issues arose last night regarding packs. New rules have been added to the Guest Book for this reason. Please make that everyone is reading the rules. The newest rule everyone must follow will be in bold.




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Welcome To Tainted Noctis

Can you survive centuries of rivalry? A good and evil pack, both out for each other's throats. Never ceasing to bring peace between each other. The darkness and light constantly battle each other, but without each other there would never be balance. Can you choose your path? Will you choose the path of light, or the path of darkness? Or will you be the one to bring forth a new kind of peace? 

Only time can tell if these lands can bare anymore blood shed upon it.  

Choose Your Side Wisely 



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